How Much Does Glass Replacement Cost?

If you’re like most people, then you’re always looking for ways to save money. But when it comes time to replace your glass, it’s hard to know what the right price is. Glass replacement can be expensive, but it’s worth getting it done the right way by a professional glazier who uses high-quality glass and knows what they are doing. A bad job will cost you more in the long run.

Window Glass Replacement Cost

As an average, the cost of window glass replacement in Sydney ranges between $230 to $550 for standard sized window measuring under 1.2m in length. For larger windows, the cost can range from $550 to $900.

Sliding Door Glass Replacement Cost

For sliding door glass replacement, one door typically costs $550 to $1500. As an added service, many glaziers will also replace the door seals and tracks which will make the job more expensive but also provide better results.

Sidelight Glass Replacement Cost

Standard sidelight glass replacement costs between $180 to $300 if only one panel needs to be replaced. However, the cost will increase if there is more than one which needs replacing.

Shower Glass Replacement Cost

A shower screen glass replacement can cost between $500 to $1200. Frameless or semi-frameless replacements generally costs more to replace than fully framed shower screens.Glass Replacement CostHOW MUCH DOES GLAZING COST

How Much Does a Glazier Cost (per hr)?

You can expect to pay between $80 to $150 per hour for a glazier. It is not uncommon for jobs to take more than 1 hour, which can equate to $160 to $200. The hourly rate will also be combined with the cost of materials used which might include glass sheets, tape and caulking for sealing the joints.

Is it Cheaper to Replace the Glass or Entire Window?

As a general rule, it is cheaper to replace the glass in your window. Replacing the entire window is more expensive because it requires removal of the old frame and installation of a brand new frame which will add at least $400 to the cost of just replacing the glass.

Factors Which Will Increase the Cost of Glass Replacement

The cost of glass replacement can vary depending on a number of factors including –
  • Type of glass required
  • Thickness of the glass,
  • Type of window (windows such as those with colonial bars will cost more)
  • Location – will cost more if it is in a remote area
  • Size of window pane
  • Complexity of Repair (glass repairs requiring more labour and time will cost more)
  • Urgency of repair (emergency glass replacement costs more)

Type of Glass Required

The type of glass you need to replace your window will effect the price of glass replacement. Some common types are:
  • Float Glass – $38 per m²
  • Frosted Glass – $58 per m²
  • Low Iron Glass (crystal clear) – $130 per m²
  • Low E Glass – $200 per m²
  • Toughened Glass – $250 per m²
  • Laminated Glass – $320 per m²

Glass Thickness

The price of glass replacement is heavily influenced by the thickness of glass needed. The thicker the glass, the more it will cost to replace. To give you an idea of the costs involved, this is the price for glass (before cutting, installation etc)
  • 4mm – $13.50 per m²
  • 5mm – $15.50 per m²
  • 6mm – $33.50 per m²
  • 10mm – $41.50 per m²
  • 12mm – $53.50 per m²
*Above prices are for regular float glass, toughened and laminated glass safety glasses will cost more.

Type of Window

The price of glass replacement varies depending on the type of window you have. Windows with grids or bars, confined space windows or those located above ground are usually more expensive to replace


If you are located in a remote area, this will effect the price of glass replacement. As it can be more difficult to get materials and travelling time to get to you will increase.

Size of Window Pane

The larger the window, the more expensive it will be to replace since it means more materials and labour will be required to do the job.

Complexity of Repair

Glass repairs that require more labour or time are costlier due to additional resources required. For example, repairing windows with grids or bars require precise measurements and cutting which adds more time to the job. If not done properly, it can lead to leaks.

Urgency of Repair

If you have an emergency situation where your window pane has broken (for example if rain water is flooding into your house), then you’ll need to get it fixed fast. This may mean you’ll pay higher rates the glazier will need to drop whatever he is doing and quickly attend your emergency glass repair. If you are able to schedule the repair at a time that is good for the glazier, then he may be willing to negotiate price.
Elias Chahine

Elias Chahine

Elias Chahine is the director of Gusto Emergency Glass Replacement and has many years in the glass repair and construction industry