How Much Does Window Replacement & Installation Cost in 2024?

The cost of window installation can vary depending on the size and type of window, as well as the difficulty of the installation. Generally, the cost of installing windows will run between $500 to $1800 per window. This price includes the cost of materials and labor.

Cost of window installation

Labour Cost for Window Installation

As a rule, most window installers charge between $70-120 per hour. The time it takes to install a window will depend on the complexity of the type of window installation.

How Long Does Window Replacement Take?

In general, it takes a glazier 60mins to 90mins to replace a window – this includes removal of the old window, installing the new window, insulating it and putting your window trim pieces back up.

Things That Affect Window Installation Cost

The price for window installation depends on several factors –

  • Type of window
  • Material of the frame
  • Type of glass used

Window Installation Cost by Type

The design and materials utilised are the two most important considerations in pricing. Simple single-hung and fixed options are available, as well as sliding, casement, and double-hung options. Most varieties are available in a variety of materials, which we go through in greater detail below.

  • Single Hung $350 to $650 – these are the most common type of windows in Australia and are typically the cheapest to install. They open vertically and are a cost effective solution if you want plenty of ventilation or access to your window.
  • Double Hung $450 to $750 – this type of window has two sashes that are stacked on top of each other. They are versatile, with 2 movable sashes which can be opened at the same time or closed individually.
  • Casement $400 to $1300 – this is a side-hinged window that opens outward by rotating the frame on hinges and offer a great way to get extra ventilation for your home.
  • Sliding $400 to $950 – this type of window slides back and forth horizontally on a track to open and close the window.
  • Tilt & Turn $500 to $1800 – these windows open inside and outside by rotating in the frame and are becoming popular for their elegant style and ease of use.
  • Awning $500 to $1050 – this type of window opens outward and is typically used for ventilation or in high-traffic areas where you want the window to stay open.

Window Installation Cost by Frame Material

Frame Material Cost Info
Timber Frames
$450 to $800
Generally more expensive than vinyl and aluminium, timber windows have a classic look and are available in several different stains and finishes.
Vinyl Frames
$350 to $600
These are the cheapest windows you can buy and are very easy to clean. They are also low-maintenance and won't rot over time like timber windows.
Aluminium Frames
$400 to $700
Aluminium windows look sleek and are strong, durable, and weatherproof. Additionally, they provide great insulation and are highly recyclable.

Type of Glass Used

Different types of glass are used for different purposes. The cost of the glass will depend on how thick it is, how transparent it is, how strong it is, how safe it is, what type of features it has – double or triple glazed etc.

A simple window pane with float glass usually costs around $38 per square metre whereas a laminated safety glass will cost $320 per square metre.

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Elias Chahine

Elias Chahine

Elias Chahine is the director of Gusto Emergency Glass Replacement and has many years in the glass repair and construction industry