How to Measure Windows For Glass Replacement

Measuring glass properly is the first step to a worry free window glass replacement, whether you are ordering glass for a DIY job or hiring a glass repair company to do it for you.

It is crucial to take proper measurements for window or door glass replacement. If you don’t measure correctly, there is a possibility that your glazier may need to charge you more for the glass replacement as manufacturers have a no-refund policy on cut glass.

Our motto when it comes to measuring window glass for replacement is – measure twice and cut once.

Tools required: Tape measure, pencil, paper

Measure the Width

Start by measuring the width of the window opening at the top, middle, and bottom. Add these three numbers together and divide by 3 to find the average width. Write this number down.

Measuring Glass For Replacement - width

Measure the Height

Next, measure the height of the window opening from top to bottom. Again, add these three numbers together and divide by 3 to find the average height. Write this number down.
Now that you have the width and height of your window, you can take give them to your glass supplier or window glass repair service who will be able to use the measurements to cut the right size glass for your window.
Elias Chahine
Elias Chahine

Elias Chahine is the director of Gusto Emergency Glass Replacement and has many years in the glass repair and construction industry