What is double glazing


Summers in Australia are extremely hot, and winters are extremely cold, resulting in higher energy costs.

As emergency glass replacement specialists, we constantly get questions from our clients who are considering getting double-paned windows to keep the heat and cold out while also improving energy efficiency.
Take a look at our guide below.

Insulated glass units are used in double glazed windows (IGU).
The IGU is a single window system with multiple glass panes.
These are usually double glazed, meaning there are two panes of glass on each side.

In these systems, the glass panes are separated by a still layer of gas or air and a spacer.
The spacer is usually made of a metal or polymer strip with a drying agent to absorb any moisture.
The entire assembly is then placed in a window frame that has been widened to accommodate the extra pane.

Benefits of Double Glazing –

Warmer in the winter – Double glazing is not only good for insulation, but it can also help capture and store natural heat.
This is an excellent way to keep your home warm in the winter.

Energy cost savings – When double glazed windows are installed, less energy is used to heat or cool a room, resulting in lower energy bills and money saved.
Increasing the number of layers of glazing will improve insulation and save money.

Cooler in the summer – On a hot summer day, double-glazed windows can trap some of the rays coming through the windows, making your room cooler.
As a result, less air conditioning is needed.

Safety – As more units are installed on double-glazed windows, your home’s security improves.
They are more difficult to break and have a tighter seal than other windows.

Less condensation – Because the airtight seal prevents condensation from forming on your window panes, double glazed windows reduce the amount of moisture on your windows.
Other windows frequently allow condensation to build up, resulting in mould growth on the window panes.

Less noise – As the number of units increases, the noise level decreases, resulting in a quieter home.
Double glazed windows are essential if you live near busy roads or in a generally noisy area.

Disadvatages of Double Glazing

Difficult to repair – the space between the two panes of glass traps air, forming an insulating layer.
Condensation will form between the panes if the seal isn’t airtight.
The panes cannot be pulled apart and repaired once they have been sealed.
It will be necessary to replace the window.

Trapping Heat – While the heat trapping benefit is beneficial during the winter months, trapping heat inside during the summer months can result in a stuffy and uncomfortable environment.
Many homeowners tint their windows to keep the heat out, but this is an extra cost.

Doesn’t suit older homes
Because double-glazed windows have a contemporary appearance, they may clash with older styles.
If a homeowner does not replace all of the windows with double glazed windows, the home’s overall appearance will look odd.

Cost – Obviously, double glazed windows are more expensive than single glazed windows because there are two panes of glass instead of just one.
However, when you consider the amount of money you’ll save in the long run, as well as the other advantages, they might be a good investment.

Elias Chahine

Elias Chahine

Elias Chahine is the director of Gusto Emergency Glass Replacement and has many years in the glass repair and construction industry

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