Obscure Glass

obscure glass

What is Obscure Glass?

Obscure glass refers to any sort of glass which distorts or obscures the items on the other side. Whether this is by using colour, textures or patterns. Obscure glass ranges from offering a very slight distortion to completely hiding the items from view, or revealing only silhouettes.

Where to Use Obscure Glass

Obscure glass is a type of glass that is used to allow light in without visibility. It is commonly found in bathroom windows and between rooms. Obscure glass can also be installed in bedroom windows, the kitchen, the dining area, or any other exterior wall to block out close neighbours and increase your privacy.

What is the Difference between obscure glass and frosted glass?

Obscure glass is a generic term that refers to any form of glass that exhibits some degree of transparency loss. Frosted glass, which is defined by its white opaque frosting, enables this reduction in visibility through the glass so is just one of many types of obscure glass.

Elias Chahine

Elias Chahine

Elias Chahine is the director of Gusto Emergency Glass Replacement and a glazier with over 30 years experience doing residential and commercial glass repair and installations in Sydney.